A Tip for Wine Lovers

My good friend, Peter, is in the wine business.
He has actually completed two harvests in Italy and knows more about wine than anyone I’ve ever come across, ever. I was recently in San Francisco, where he now lives (he used to be here in Charleston) and was able to spend a day in Sonoma/Carneros sampling wines.


Afterwards we went to dinner and he taught me a valuable tip.

What do you do when you want to remember a fantastic bottle of wine? Take a picture, of course. Well, I did this exact thing when he told me that I needed to get a picture of the back of the label as well, see below. The reason for this is the importer matters a lot. The same ‘label’ can be imported by different places and you can accidentally get a completely different wine. SO, take some advice from my friend Peter and turn your wine savvy up a notch, take a picture of the back of bottles too!


Kids to the Parks

My mom loves history. Really, really loves history. Growing up, she would take us to the smallest towns’ museums if there was any kind of historical significance. This constant exposure to history, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm, gave me a love of history and feeling of inspiration when I encounter it in a tangible form.

Moving to Charleston was, in that sense, a sensory over load. Here on our tiny peninsula is where the Civil War began and the reverberations of that war are still seen everywhere in Charleston, today. There are multiple opportunities to learn about history every where you turn (even without trying).

Ft. Sumter, where the first shots of the war were fired is, however, only accessible by boat. It is a remarkable site and one that each child should visit while learning of the war in school. Many children do, in fact, come from private boarding schools to visit this site and learn first hand. The sad thing is, many of our area students have lived in the shadow of this historic site and never been able to reach it.

Enter the Ft Sumter-Ft Moultrie Trust Kids to the Parks Program.

History education is a top priority for the Trust. Kids to the Parks is our program that facilitates school field trips to Charleston’s historic National Parks. These visits spark excitement and interest in learning. Kids to the Parks has enabled nearly 2000 visits since 2012, earning the praise of students and teachers alike.

As the acting Treasurer of the trust, this is my shameful plug to donate to our cause or just to pass the word. There are friends groups for national parks all over the country. If you don’t feel that Ft Sumter hits you personally, perhaps check out the friends group nearest you. These groups are necessary because National Parks can’t raise money themselves, so trusts/groups like ours are required to raise anything over the budgeted government funds. So if you’ve ever been moved by history in any form, large or small, here’s your opportunity to give back.

Run to the Water

It’s about 1.5 miles from my house straight down the peninsula of Charleston to the Ashley River, where it flows into the harbor. It makes for a nice loop and as I increase time/mileage, it’s nice to run down the sea wall but today was just an out and back.

It was really windy/choppy today, but still gorgeous. 🙂



For all cat lovers…

This is a fantastic lil story. Yes, it is again from Brainpickings.org and if you haven’t crossed over to the time vacuum that exploring it’s articles can be, I feel for you.

Lost Cat is a beautiful, illustrated story that all cat lovers and animal lovers alike would appreciate. I especially love the illustration of the “safe zones” around the animal’s home. 🙂

And in the spirit of cats, here’s Mr. Brownerson (he has many nick names) being a sleepy beast.


Jenny Lewis is Touring Again

As previously mentioned I am more than excited that Jenny Lewis is coming to Charleston. I’ve seen her once before when she opened for Conor back in 2008.
At Cain’s Ballroom
conor & jenny
I sadly never saw Rilo Kiley before they broke up. She is one of my all time favorite singer songwriters, and she deserves a listen by anyone who hasn’t treated themselves before.

And she played (past tense) a free show in 2012 in San Francisco. And I mistakenly believed it was this year, false alarm.

Trust me, do yourself a favor if you like any kind of folk-rock-country-indie-alternative-insightfullyrics-music and give her a listen. Start with her album Acid Tongue.

Let me know how it goes. 🙂

Charleston’s Music Scene is Finally Improving

Charleston’s music scene has been killing it lately. We’ve recently seen Robert Earl Keen, Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), Iron & Wine, ZZ Ward – in the past 6 or so months. And upcoming, are Conor Oberst (as previously mentioned), Tegan & Sara, Felice Brothers and Jenny Lewis.

Most of these artists are coming to the newly revamped Charleston Music Hall. They have been working hard to get us some outstanding music and I, for one, couldn’t be more grateful. Kudos, CMH, kudos.

Time Warped

While I generally read non-fiction, I do like to change it up a bit. I came across this article (again on Brain Pickings!) and have been reading the fascinating book, Time Warped.

From the article: “Time perception matters because it is the experience of time that roots us in our mental reality.”


I definitely would recommend it so far and will post thoughts when done.

Thunder UP!

What’s the best thing to happen Oklahoma since I moved away (6 years ago)? Answer: OKC THUNDER
And the playoffs have just began, so THUNDER UP!

I also have a special place in my heart for Kevin Durant, because I used to watch him play for Texas while I was at OSU (Go Cowboys!).

April 19th

Nineteen years ago I was in sixth grade and living in Oklahoma, attending an elementary school East of Oklahoma City. The date April 19th will always have to me, like all Oklahomans, a special significance that will travel with me throughout my life. We will never forget.