A Tip for Wine Lovers

My good friend, Peter, is in the wine business.
He has actually completed two harvests in Italy and knows more about wine than anyone I’ve ever come across, ever. I was recently in San Francisco, where he now lives (he used to be here in Charleston) and was able to spend a day in Sonoma/Carneros sampling wines.


Afterwards we went to dinner and he taught me a valuable tip.

What do you do when you want to remember a fantastic bottle of wine? Take a picture, of course. Well, I did this exact thing when he told me that I needed to get a picture of the back of the label as well, see below. The reason for this is the importer matters a lot. The same ‘label’ can be imported by different places and you can accidentally get a completely different wine. SO, take some advice from my friend Peter and turn your wine savvy up a notch, take a picture of the back of bottles too!