Nike+ Running App Is My New Best Friend

Gone are the days when running intervals consisted of me using the timer on my iPhone, having to start and stop the thing every minute, grasping frantically at my arm band, so not watching the road and almost running into people/trees/etc. Not. Pretty.

Bring on the days of the Nike+ Running App

A voice over set to your needs tells you the time ran, distance, and average pace in a very soothing voice. It also will play over either Pandora or Spotify (an absolute must for me) and will track your route via GPS.

I hadn’t had so much fun on a run in a long time, trying to best my ‘average pace’ and not having to fool around with shutting off and on my timer – instead I could just sit back (well, run), relax, and let the app guide my way. Aaaaaaah, technology.